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2M en direct , 2M Maroc en ligne , 2M monde live HD , 2M online  24h/24h 7j/7j
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Télé Maroc en direct TéléMaroc en ligne live streaming 

 تيلي ماروك بث مباشر
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Al oula en ligne -  RTM en direct - القناة الأولى المغربية مباشرة  - National geographics, Chrikti Mouchkilti, Yaoumyat Lala Lâaroussa, Khalkhal Batoul, Aâïlat Si Marbouh, Majalla Riyadia, Yak Labass, Baâiât Al Ward, Amouddou, Kadaya wa ara2e, Sanabil, information, Fi Bali Oughnia, Sahra, Biladi, Moudawala , Ramadan 2012
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MEDI 1 TV en ligne, Medi 1 TV en direct , Medi 1 live 24h/24  7j/7

Massa lkhir - Enigma - Dar design - Zin w Zen - Pop Corn - Countdown - Evènements culturels - Massrah Al Jarima - Bidoun Haraj - Mouatine Al Yawm - Milaf li Nikach - GenY - Génération News - Botolatona - Clip Hit - L’Match - Medi Investigation - Interview - 90 minutes pour convaincre - 24/24 - NCIS - Hawadith Mouthira  - Hareem Sultan - Al Mouhakikoun - An Korb - Connaissance - Découverte - Grand Format - Ousra Tamina 

مساء الخير - إينيكما - دار ديزاين - زين و زن - بوب كورن - كونت داون - مسرح الجريمة - بدون حرج - مواطن اليوم - ملف للنقاش - بطولتنا - الماتش - ميدي انفستكاسيون - ٩٠ دقيقة للإقناع - حوادث مثيرة - حريم السلطان -المحققون - عن قرب
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Arriyadia TNT en ligne - Arryadia - Ariyadia En direct - Arriadia TNT live HD - 100% Oussoud, Houate, Al Hakam Al Akhar, Le Journal Télévisé, 100% Botola Pro, Pro Ihtiraf, Studio Botola Pro, Magazine Olympique, FIFA Futbol Mundial, Science du Sport, Transworld Sport, Résumé de Liga, Résumé de Bundesliga, Résumé de Jupiler Pro, Magazine Review - match équipe national en direct - Olympiades London 2012 en direct
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Samhini , épisode  1213  المسلسل التركي سامحيني الحلقة 1213 samhini

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Samhini , épisode  1214  المسلسل التركي سامحيني الحلقة 1214 samhini

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Samhini , épisode  1212  المسلسل التركي سامحيني الحلقة 1212 samhini

Vues : 155

hdidan fi gueliz ep 16 | حديدان في كليز حلقة 16 16 hdidanfigueliz

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Samhini , épisode  1211  المسلسل التركي سامحيني الحلقة 1211 samhini

Vues : 71

hdidan fi gueliz ep 22 | حديدان في كليز حلقة 22 22 hdidanfigueliz

Vues : 62

hdidan fi gueliz ep 7 | حديدان في كليز حلقة 7 7 hdidanfigueliz

Vues : 58

hdidan fi gueliz ep 13 | حديدان في كليز حلقة 13 13 hdidanfigueliz

Vues : 47

Saraya Abidine Saison 2 ep 2 Saraya 3abidine 2 episode 2 سرايا عابدين الموسم الثاني الحلقة 2 2 sarayaabidine2

Vues : 45

Samhini , épisode  1198  المسلسل التركي سامحيني الحلقة 1198 samhini

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FC Astana (Kaz) Legia (Pol)
FC Astana (Kaz) VS Legia (Pol)
Match dans : 5 Heures et 15 Minutes

Dyn. Kiev (Ukr) Young Boys (Sui)
Dyn. Kiev (Ukr) VS Young Boys (Sui)
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Salzburg (Aut) Rijeka (Cro)
Salzburg (Aut) VS Rijeka (Cro)
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H. Beer Sheva (Isr) Ludogorets (Bul)
H. Beer Sheva (Isr) VS Ludogorets (Bul)
Match dans : 8 Heures et 15 Minutes

FC Viitorul (Rou) APOEL (Cyp)
FC Viitorul (Rou) VS APOEL (Cyp)
Match dans : 9 Heures et 15 Minutes

Maribor (Slo) Hafnarfjordur (Ice)
Maribor (Slo) VS Hafnarfjordur (Ice)
Match dans : 9 Heures et 35 Minutes

Nice (Fra) Ajax (Ned)
Nice (Fra) VS Ajax (Ned)
Match dans : 10 Heures et 0 Minutes

Celtic (Sco) Rosenborg (Nor)
Celtic (Sco) VS Rosenborg (Nor)
Match dans : 10 Heures et 0 Minutes

Club Brugge KV (Bel) Basaksehir (Tur)
Club Brugge KV (Bel) VS Basaksehir (Tur)
Match dans : 10 Heures et 15 Minutes

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    Life In A Metro

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Life In A Metro

A certain immunity insidiously develops over time if one is part of a metropolis..especially if experience has not provided an alternate lifestyle. One gets accustomed to Life- In- A- Metro, its eccentric and erratic ways, torpedo engined pace, ego centric paradigms, demanding emotional bonds, unquestioning surrender to its gargantuan appetite for devouring the spirit. So much so that when a ‘big deal is made of ‘metro life’ one wonders what the fuss is all about. Isn’t this what life connotes anyways?



Therefore when one sets out to view a film the title of which screams out ‘Life.. In A Metro’ one has sub consciously resigned oneself to expecting an exaggerated, superfluous. hyperbolic, frenzied account of the above mentioned characteristics. You are as excited as a terrapin on land. The one factor that does elicit a whiff of curiosity is the ensemble cast. A smorgsabord of actors who have lately proven to be delectable in their prowess..Irrfan Khan after Namesake and ‘Maqbool’ has almost acquired the status of ‘demi God of ‘parallel cinema’, Shiney Ahuja, the SRK of the financially challenged maker. Kangana Ranaut the impoverished version of Ash, but an actress with great potential, Konkona Sen, the actor with the most-est, ability, proficiency and enviable roles, KK the man who does not flinch, even in the presence of a “Sarkar” and has carved a niche slowly but surely .



Lastly the Director Anurag is a man whose last films“Gangster’ had managed to erase the flop tag that is uncaringly pre fixed on a maker, irrespective..Whether the inherent talent is crying out for recognition , is hardly worth a is evident with his earlier Ekta kapoor debacles and Bhatt camp films, ‘Saaya’ and ‘Tumsa Nahin Dekha” Who cares and is concerned with the reason for a non success. You can go cry yourself hoarse, finally have to accept your destiny. But he was lucky to have survived, most are not, and got his chances to prove his mettle all over again. .after the huge success of ‘Murder’.

The film’s focus on life vis a vis sex and money is as good a take off point as any. Relationships struggling to balance themselves entrapped in the vixen hold of these, provides the conflict plot. Who survives and how real is that which has, is finally the crux of the story.

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