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Arriyadia TNT en ligne - Arryadia - Ariyadia En direct - Arriadia TNT live HD - 100% Oussoud, Houate, Al Hakam Al Akhar, Le Journal Télévisé, 100% Botola Pro, Pro Ihtiraf, Studio Botola Pro, Magazine Olympique, FIFA Futbol Mundial, Science du Sport, Transworld Sport, Résumé de Liga, Résumé de Bundesliga, Résumé de Jupiler Pro, Magazine Review - match équipe national en direct - Olympiades London 2012 en direct
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2M en direct , 2M Maroc en ligne , 2M monde live HD , 2M online  24h/24h 7j/7j
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Al oula en ligne -  RTM en direct - القناة الأولى المغربية مباشرة  - National geographics, Chrikti Mouchkilti, Yaoumyat Lala Lâaroussa, Khalkhal Batoul, Aâïlat Si Marbouh, Majalla Riyadia, Yak Labass, Baâiât Al Ward, Amouddou, Kadaya wa ara2e, Sanabil, information, Fi Bali Oughnia, Sahra, Biladi, Moudawala , Ramadan 2012
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MBC bollywood en direct - MBC bollywood live - MBC bollywood en ligne
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Samhini , épisode  1258  المسلسل التركي سامحيني الحلقة 1258 samhini

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Samhini , épisode  1257  المسلسل التركي سامحيني الحلقة 1257 samhini

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Jassour Wa Al Jamila ep 12  جسور و الجميلة الحلقة 12 12 jassourjamila

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Makanoka fi al 9alb ep 71  مكانك في القلب الحلقة 71 71 makanokafiqalb

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Yaghmoroni chaw9 ep 7 | يغمرني الشوق الحلقة 7 7 yarmoronichaw9

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Hob Lilijar 2 ep 14 | حب للإيجار 2 الحلقة 14 14 hoblilijar2

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Jassour Wa Al Jamila ep 25  جسور و الجميلة الحلقة 25 25 jassourjamila

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Yaghmoroni chaw9 ep 25 | يغمرني الشوق الحلقة 25 25 yarmoronichaw9

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Jassour Wa Al Jamila ep 22  جسور و الجميلة الحلقة 22 22 jassourjamila

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Samhini , épisode  1256  المسلسل التركي سامحيني الحلقة 1256 samhini

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Napoli Feyenoord
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Spartak Moscow VS Liverpool
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When you have such a strong cast, you also have lot of expectations from the film. ´Welcome´ does not live up to the expectations at all! It is a "so-so" film, okay to watch on cable, but definitely not worth spending money in the theater. There is nothing new to it; it is another example of good actors coming together and not being able to create anything special! The story is very predictable, and is a kind of patchwork from various films. For example, Nana Patekar´s character Uday Shetty is a cross between Shankar from Major Saab (a don, who is a loving brother), and Aslam Bhai from Love Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega (LKLKBK)(a don with a strong passion for acting). He is a goofy goon, as portrayed by various actors in innumerable films; Sanjay Dutt in Hum Kisi Se Kum Nahi (2002), Johnny Lever in LKLKBK (2001), to name a few. Nana Patekar is his usual self, with nothing new to offer as such. Anil Kapoor is another don, named Majnu Bhai, a close associate of Uday Shetty. He has done a pretty good job with his role, and definitely adds on to the value of the film. One can easily notice that Majnu Bhai´s character takes a variety of traits from Circuit of the Munnabhai series, Crime Master Gogo of Andaz Apna Apna, and other similar "comic sidekicks". Paresh Rawal is decent as Dr. Ghungroo, but his acting is repetitive from so many of his other movies. Even though Akshay Kumar is the hero, he is often sidelined by the dons, and we don´t get to see much of his impeccable comic timing. Feroz Khan is OK as the "Godfather" of the dons. The heroines (Katrina Kaif and Mallika Sherawat) seem to exist merely to add oomph value.

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03 May 2012

belle akechy komar

15 Mar 2012

raw3a akechy komar

01 Jan 2012

beau film

Mari Azz
25 Jun 2011

film raw3a

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