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Al oula en ligne -  RTM en direct - القناة الأولى المغربية مباشرة  - National geographics, Chrikti Mouchkilti, Yaoumyat Lala Lâaroussa, Khalkhal Batoul, Aâïlat Si Marbouh, Majalla Riyadia, Yak Labass, Baâiât Al Ward, Amouddou, Kadaya wa ara2e, Sanabil, information, Fi Bali Oughnia, Sahra, Biladi, Moudawala , Ramadan 2012
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    Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa

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Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa

Sunil (Shahrukh khan) has only one passion in life-music. His father wants him to help out to run the garage but Sunil has other plans. He, along with some friends, has formed a music band and they are looking for a break in Chinatown - a slick club in the City. Sunil`s only other passion is Anna (Suchitra Krishnamurthy) the female lead singer of the band who Sunil is madly love with. But so is Chris (Deepak Tijori) the lead guitarist of the band and Sunil knows it. He tries his best to keep Chris away from Anna and in a desperate attempt, to win Anna`s heart he succeeds in creating a misunderstanding between Chris her. But his success is short lived as Anna soon learns about the truth of the matter and is shocked at the audacity of Sunil. Rejected and thrown out of the band, Sunil makes up for his behavior by saving the band from getting booed during their first performance at Chinatown. Saved from impending danger Anna and the band happily forgive him and, as friends, accept him back into the band with open arms. The Story takes a new turn when, one day, Chris` parents announce their to get him married to a rich girl of their choice. Sunil, taking advantage of the God-sent opportunity, tries to woo Anna once again but then fate takes an unexpected turn and Sunil is plunged right into the chaotic whirl wind of life. What is the whirlwind which hits Sunil? Does Sunil succeed in winning Anna`s heart? What happens to Chris, as he too loves Anna very much? Watch the climatic development in the film as fate takes Sunil, Anna and Chris through a journey every person goes through viz. The sweet ups and the bitter downs of life.

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